The artist started to experiment with AI in the 2023, before he worked professionally in other fields like Music, Street Photography and UX Design. A creative mind that never stops creating.

He is a senior product designer and UX Lead with over 16 years of experience who likes to transform chaos into order. Worked with some of the world’s most renowned brands, including McDonald’s, Volkswagen and Samsung, while being employed at amazing places like R/GA, DDB and Accenture.

Odair Faleco is a multifaceted and awarded brazilian artist with a passion for tech + experimentation

_Official Runway LeonardoAI LensGo Creative Partner
_Winner Best Experimental, Prague Music Video Awards 2024
_Winner Most Creative, LensGo Creative Competition 2024
_Shortlisted Budapest AIFF + AI Klapka Festivals
_Featured at Forbes CZ

AI experiments

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