TOOLS midjourney, runway
date FEB 2024

As we increasingly divert our attention and time away from the "real" world—what’s real in the first place?—we inch closer to a life predominantly lived within the bounds of the digital and artificial. Ironically, the same devices and interfaces we use to connect also disconnect, and polarize us. When loneliness is slowly becoming an unpleasant commodity, will AI fill our social voids with a multitude of thinking avatars that are always ready to chat about whatever we want, any time we want?

The experimental AI project "Connected" delves deeper into this paradigm, exploring the seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence into the fabric of our daily lives, much like the internet wove itself into our collective consciousness decades ago. This integration heralds a future where AI is not just an add-on but a fundamental layer of all we interact with, reshaping our reality in ways previously unimagined.

Yet, amidst this digital communion, this project also casts a critical eye on the irony of disconnection brought about by our beloved devices. (Take for example Apple Vision Pro, where individual experiences are encapsulated in personal bubbles, invisible to those around us.) Connected literally prompts a reflection on the paradoxical nature of our need for connection.

Like it or not, soon a layer of AI will be present in almost everything we use and interact with.