TOOLS midjourney, PS
date APRIL 2023

“Musical Brutalism – a symphony of concrete and glass” experiments and plays on the intersection of two personal passions: music and architecture. This project imagines, through the inputs of the artists, buildings inspired by musical instruments.

The output is a symphony of concrete and glass, a blend between the raw power and aesthetic principles of Brutalist architecture, with the harmony and shapes of music. These buildings are more than mere structures—they are instruments themselves.

By experimenting with AI, Musical Brutalism pushes the boundaries and provoke what is possible, creating structures that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, celebrating the beauty and power of both, music and architecture. Walk with your eyes and imagine the glass windows as strings, vibrating with the noise and energy of the city. This experimental art project can capture the imagination of anyone interested in the fields of art, music, architecture and technology. Allow yourself to be moved by the rhythms and harmonies, just as you would be moved by a piece of music.

A symphony of concrete and glass