TOOLS midjourney, KREA
date MAY 2024

This provocative series offers a visceral exploration of the human condition through a surreal, almost nightmarish lens. The vibrant absurd images depict figures contorted and consumed by apetite and pain, monstrous forms that both repel and invite.

Influenced by surrealism, pop art, and street art styles, the vivid colors and bold, unrestrained compositions create a psychedelic atmosphere. Beneath the grotesque imagery lies a profound meditation on primal urges, pain, unstoppable change, and inner turmoil that lurk beneath our carefully cultivated veneers of civilization.

The artist’s interest in art reflecting the human condition is evident in this series. “Dental Delirium” was created during a period of acute tooth pain that lasted for weeks. The artist pondered: is there anything more universal than this? Tooth pain, after all, is one of the most universally relatable forms of pain, a pure demonstration of life’s randomness and our lack of control over our bodies. This universal, deeply human experience is symbolized by the motifs of open mouths and exposed teeth.

The caricature-like distortions of human forms evoke a sense of the abject and the absurd. We are confronted with our corporeal fragility and the disturbing notion that we might someday be devoured, whether metaphorically or literally, by the darker impulses and existential anxieties that gnaw at the borders of the self.

...created during a period of acute tooth pain that lasted for weeks.